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5 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

5 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

The plumbing system constitutes a crucial component of our household
infrastructure. However, rarely do we think about it until disaster strikes.
Obstructions, seepages, and various plumbing problems can become a homeowner’s
worst nightmare. They can cause significant inconveniences and extraordinary
unexpected expenses. 

However, some simple habits and proper maintenance can prevent these
emergencies. This article highlights some simple habits that will control our
homes’ plumbing problems.

1. Schedule Seasonal Plumbing Inspections

Every season attracts different issues and challenges to our plumbing
system. Summer demands more water consumption, while winter requires system
protection from freezing. Hence, your system should be checked at least twice
per year. Have a checklist to prepare it for colder and warmer weather.

2. Avoid Overuse of Drain Cleaning Products

Although drain cleaning products make your home look clean and fresh,
they shouldn’t be overused. Using these products too often can corrode drain
pipes, leading to leaks. Mixing vinegar or baking soda with hot water is the
best way to clean your drain. 

3. Never Pour Oils and Fats Down the Sink

These fats are rinsed down the sink in a liquid state. However, they
solidify as they go down the drainpipe and become sticky. This sticky mass can
attract other debris, causing a nasty clog. Always allow fats, grease, and oils
to solidify, then dispose of them in a trash can. 

4. Be Careful What You Flush

You can clog your toilet or destroy your plumbing system by flushing the
wrong things. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flashed down the
toilet. Avoid flushing things like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and
cotton swabs. 

5. Never Ignore Leaky Toilets

The chances of ignoring minor problems are very high, mainly if not much
inconvenience is caused. One of the most ignored minor problems is a leaky
toilet. However, they can cause a great disaster in your neighborhood once
fully blown. Getting a professional to clean the valve and do other necessary
repairs before it’s too late is essential. 

Following the above tips will significantly reduce possible plumbing
problems in your home. Proper maintenance and timely repairs also go a long way
in preventing severe emergencies and unexpected costs. For reliable plumbing
inspection and repairs, contact Plumber Near Me. 

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