Plumbing is serious work, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fun or interesting facts that are part of the industry. At Plumber Near Me, we like to show our lighter side every once in a while. Today’s blog post is all about fun and interesting facts. Here are some things you may not have known about plumbing.

#1– Albert Einstein may have been a famous theoretical physicist, but he was also an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. After the union had heard him say if he could live his life over he’d be a plumber, they granted him symbolic membership

.#2– How do you put the toilet roll on the holder? Did you know that 3 out of 4 people opt to have the flap in the front? Believe it or not, $100,000 was once spent on a study to find out people’s toilet paper hanging preferences

.#3– Do you need a plumber the day after your Super Bowl party? It’s not surprising considering that the toilet is flushed more times during the halftime celebrations than any other time during the year.

#4– Can you guess who the most famous plumbers are? The answer might surprise. Appearing in over 200 video games, Mario and Luigi have been the most well-known plumbers since 1985.

#5– What are the most common items flushed down the toilet? Children’s toys are still popular items that can clog a toilet, but smartphones are slowly taking the lead. From phones falling out of pockets while in the bathroom to phones being used while in the bathroom, it may be a good idea to get that protection plan the next time you upgrade.

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